Christchurch Glass Care for Glass

The regular washing and drying of glass and window frames affects long term durability, especially during construction. The most important operation is to dry the glass after washing using a clean grit free squeegee, cloth or paper towel andremember "Wet glass is dirty glass."

Grease marks or glazing compounds and sealants should be removed before washing without damaging surrounding surface finishes. 

First, determine whether the glass is clear, tinted or reflective. Surface damage is more noticeable on reflective glass compared with the other glass products. 

If the reflective coated surface is exposed either on the exterior or interior, special care must be taken when cleaning, as scratches can result in coating removal and a visible change in light transmittance. Cleaning tinted and reflective glass in direct sunlight should be avoided. Cleaning should begin at the top of the building and continue to the lower levels. 

One of the common mistakes made by non-glass trades people, including glass cleaning contractors, is the use of razor blades or other metal scrappers on a large portion of the glass surface. Using large blades to scrape a window clean carries considerable risk of causing damage to the glass. 

The glass industry, fabricators, distributors and installers neither condones nor recommends any scraping of glass surfaces with metal blades or knives. Such scraping usually permanently damages or scratches the glass surfaces.