Coloured Effects

Talk to Christchurch Glass about bringing the excitement of colour into your home; the colour choice is huge and there's even the option of creating your own on-glass designs.

bring out the designer in you with visual effects

Effects Colour Bak is the bright new look in painted glass. This specialist painted-finish product offers the full range of Resene colours.

  • Kitchen & Bathroom splashbacks
  • Shower linings
  • Cupboard doors

And more...

At last there is a durable, accurate and flexible on-glass design solution. Christchurch Glass using the services of the first direct on-glass digital printer in New Zealand.

Christchurch Glass on-glass digital printing uses advanced GlassJetTM technology for industrial direct on-glass printing. By using specifically formulated ceramic inks (frits), extreme durability is achieved while providing designers with the ultimate design expression.

This expands our Effects Range of decorative glass products and is suitable for most glass applications, including interior and exterior architectural glass,
automotive, marine, appliances, furniture and artwork.

Effects Colour Bak