Love the look but hate the fading

Fading is the enemy for any homemaker or interior designer.

Furniture, drapes, carpets, even artworks and photographs come under attack from sunlight, heat and UV radiation. However, fading can be significantly reduced by installing the appropriate glass.

UV radiation fades materials through direct contact, while sunlight and infrared act to heat the material, which accelerates the fading process. Using the correct glass in a home can be likened to using a good sunscreen on a summer holiday. The use of tinted and reflective solar control glass reduces the amount of UV, visible light and heat that pass through the glass, thus reducing the rate of fading.

Laminated glass, with a PVB or special UV interlayer, is also very effective and can absorb up to 99% of the damaging UV radiation. And these products can be tinted to control light intensity and heat transmission. 

For maximum protection combine tinted or reflective glasses within a laminated glass double glazing unit.